Regardless of the company size, disputes inevitably occur in business. If a business dispute occurs, it may be impossible to collect the appropriate amount of damages unless prompt and appropriate measures are taken to effectively respond to the type of dispute and legal matters at issue. It is also not possible to provide appropriate and effective legal advice for these matters without a wealth of knowledge and skills with regard to dispute resolution. At ZeLo, we have experience in handling various types of litigation and dispute resolution matters from a wide variety of clients, and we are persistently and deeply committed to each case. With each lawyer's expertise and with the resources of the entire law firm, we have been able to successfully resolve numerous lawsuits and disputes in our clients’ favor.

Furthermore, our Global Practice Group has the capacity to handle international arbitration anywhere in the world so long as it is in English or Japanese. Our lawyers have experience practicing arbitration under UNCITRAL, SIAC, JAMS, LCIA, and WIPO arbitration rules in Singapore, London, New York, Spain and Japan.