The number of COVID-19 cases has continued to increase in the South East Asian region, including Indonesia, and has now reached more than 24,000¹ cases in total. Despite this situation, the Indonesian Government will soon implement a “new normal” policy starting from June 5, 2020.

 Based on this policy, on May 20, the Indonesian Health Minister, Terawan Agus Putranto, signed a set of rules concerning preventive and control measures in offices and factories to combat COVID-19. These rules will require the public to start adapting to the COVID-19 situation.The rules set certain requirements for businesses to be allowed to reopen, which include providing sufficient hand washing facilities, regular checking of employees’ temperatures, requiring employees to wear masks, social distancing between employees at work, and minimizing physical interaction with customers.

 Business owners will need to prepare to resume their operations gradually under health protocols that comply with this “new normal” policy. Starting from early June, about a hundred thousand army officers will be deployed across the four main provinces of Indonesia to monitor the country’s transition in accordance with this “new normal”, policy².


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