From Zero to Legal Innovation
We will revolutionize legal services.
ZeLo Law was founded to provide revolutionary legal services for business law areas in order to realize a fair, balanced and prosperous world.

Our Vision

A fair, balanced and prosperous world
We will strive to realize a fair, balanced and prosperous world; a world where high-quality legal services can be provided.
We would like to create a world where high quality legal services can be provided fairly so that they can be accessed not only by large corporations in the city but also startup companies with a handful of employees in rural areas.
And, beyond this, we will work towards a fair, balanced and prosperous world with fair, corporate activities

Our Mission

Doing the best for our clients
We will do the best for our clients.
We will never give up and will put forth our best efforts for our clients.
We will continue to be close by and available so that clients can easily consult us at ease and provide the highest quality legal service while not losing a sense of speed and promptness.

Contributing to the world
We will strive to contribute to the world through the law.
We will strive to increase the legal standards of the entire world by becoming a foundation for the world’s legal affairs.

Things ZeLo has found to be true

Law is a crystal of mankind’s wisdom and is not something that one part of the world can monopolize.
Never stop
If you chase your ideals and dreams, you can accomplish them.
If we focus on our clients, everything else will follow after.
Beyond satisfaction
Satisfying is not enough. Only by impressing, we will be appreciated.
Continuing Evolution
Legal services can infinitely evolve.
A team can solve a problem that one person cannot.
Each and every lawyer must put forth overwhelming efforts to increase one’s own abilities.
Never give up
Never give up
Diversity is strength
Diversity is strength.
Enjoy life
Let’s live a life that is free, exciting and fun.