ZeLo, a Foreign Joint Law Enterprise, sets forth the following privacy policy with regard to the handling of personally identifiable information and agrees to comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and all related laws.

1. Obtaining personal information Our law firm shall obtain personal information in a legally compliant and appropriate manner to be used for limited purpose for which such information was obtained.

2. Purpose for Use of personal information Our firm shall only use any personal information that has been gathered for the following limited purposes to the minimum extent necessary and shall not use such information for any other purpose. - Providing legal services - Providing any information with regard to providing legal services - Introduction of our firm, materials for seminars, newsletters and other marketing materials - Responding to the client's inquiries - Recruiting materials - Any matters that relate to the foregoing.

3. Management of personal information

(1) Our law firm shall set forth its best efforts to maintain accurate and updated personal information.

(2) Our law firm shall take all necessary and appropriate measures to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction or any personal information. Additionally, in order to measure the safety of managing personal information, we shall undergo necessary and appropriate audits of our lawyers and staff members and, as needed, also of our outside vendors when certain matters are outsourced.

4. Providing personal information to third parties Unless we obtain the consent of the owners of personal information, our law firm shall not provide any personal information to third parties with the exception of when it is required to do so by laws or regulations.

5. Disclosure, Revising and Cessation of Use of personal information With regard to any personal information that our law firm possesses, upon receiving any demands of disclosure, revision/addition/deletion, cessation of use/take-down requests, or cessation of provision to third parties, after conducting the necessary due diligence for the request, our law firm shall comply with the Act of Protection of Personal Information in handling such requests.

6. Contact For any inquiries regarding personal information, please contact info@zelojapan.com. 7. Amending this Privacy Policy We may, as necessary, amend this privacy policy from time to time. For major updates, we shall provide a notice through this website.