About ZeLo

Our Philosophy

From Zero to Legal Innovation

In 2017, ZeLo was founded by two lawyers who felt that traditional legal models were ripe for disruption. After nearly 12 years combined at one of Japan's largest law firms, the founders developed a firm belief that the inefficient "hourly billing model" would be fundamentally challenged by the advent of new technologies. To remain competitive, law firms would have to eliminate repetitive tasks through the use of AI, thus allowing fewer, more highly-skilled lawyers to better serve their clients. To this end, the founders have leveraged artificial intelligence (through the LegalForce Platform) to automatically and instantly perform repetitive tasks--allowing its lawyers to focus on high-value services. The "proof" that their vision has succeeded is borne out by the rapid growth of the firm - which now includes nearly 20 lawyers and paralegals and more than 100 retainers.

Our Vision

Leveraging Tech to Provide Top-tier Service for Clients of all Sizes

Our Mission

Improving Access to Justice for Japanese People from all Levels of Society

Contributing to the Improvement of the Rule of Law

Things ZeLo has found to be true

Law must be accessible to all
Flexibility and openness to new technology is essential
Clients always come first
Exceed client expectations
Continually Evolve
Teamwork is key
Self-improvement never stops
Never give up and always persevere
Diversity is strength 

About ZeLo

ZeLo, a Foreign Law Joint Enterprise
Masataka Ogasawara
Nozomu Tsunoda
8th Floor, NTT Hibiya Building,
1-1-6, Uchisaiwaicho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-0011