■ CLO Strategy

Many of our firm's lawyers often are seconded to companies that do not have a developed legal department to effectively act as their general counsel or Chief Legal Officer ("CLO"). Our lawyers excel in advising companies on legal matters related to new business lines in terms of risk management and advancement of the business. Compared to traditional outside counsel, our seconded lawyers work directly within the company for 1 - 5 days per week to fully understand the business-side and be available without having to pick up the phone or write an email. For companies that are just beginning to expand globally, we have Japanese, US and Indonesian licensed lawyers that can assist with incorporating a subsidiary, directly negotiating contracts in the native language, as well as providing advice regarding the business culture.

■ Legal Business Model Review Strategy

The ability to execute a business model is critical for startups and companies developing new business lines. On a daily basis, our lawyers review new business models from existing laws and regulations as well as from customary international law and soft law. We strive to advance the business together with the client by structuring the most effective business model that complies with laws and regulations.

■ Financing Strategy

In order for a business to grow at the right speed, financing becomes a fundamental need at many stages of growth. We assist companies with seed round financings for startups, Series A financings, as well as later rounds as late as a Series G3 offering. We negotiate directly with investors and venture capital funds, conduct due diligence and provide advice with regard to structuring the financing round. We also assist with alternative forms of financing such as ICOs, IEOs, and STOs given our extensive experience with blockchain and cryptocurrency laws around the world. We also form and advise funds (in Japan, the US and offshore) on legal due diligence matters, contract negotiation with their target investments, and advise funds on legal and tax issues related to their operation and management.

■Global IP Strategy

With the variety of innovative technology that is surfacing in the modern age, management of a company's intellectual property becomes critical. While it is difficult enough to manage a company's IP in its own country, an entirely different set of legal skills are required for global IP management for companies that are expanding globally,. Once a patent is filed in one country, it becomes public knowledge for the whole world. As a result, when filing a patent in one country, it becomes critical to at least consider filing patents in other countries through the World Intellectual Property Organization under the Patent Cooperation Treaty. The same is true for trademarks to prevent competing companies from using a company's brand in other countries. We provide careful legal advice to companies regarding global IP management from the early stages of a company's development to prevent frustrating cross-border IP disputes from disrupting a company's growth.

■IPO Strategy

One of our lawyers, Anri Okamoto, guided the only unicorn in Japan to go public in both Japan and the United States. Under her leadership, our lawyers assist later stage startups with legal opinions, due diligence and IPO filings when the time comes. We also advise clients on what the best jurisdiction may be to go public in from a legal perspective.