Whether we are on retainer or not, we take on individual matters whether dispute resolution or transactional matters. For disputes, we aim to achieve the most beneficial result for the client whether it is by litigation, international or domestic arbitration, mediation, or settlement. For transactional matters, we strive to understand the risks involved for the client and close the deal in a smooth manner while obtaining beneficial terms and outcomes. Even for clients that already have outside counsel, we also provide second opinions for complex matters that require careful attention. We also aim to be strategic in the legal costs involved when providing outside counsel services for businesses. While we often play a significant role for matters that require careful legal attention such as shareholder meetings, corporate restructurings, M&As and IPOs, we also try and be honest and forthright about the level of legal review necessary for ordinary day-to-day business matters. Ultimately, we strive to lower the legal costs for the client as much as possible. For longer-term large transactions, we make sure to dedicate experienced lawyers for such transactions.

Fee structure

■ We generally charge by the hour, although we provide a general estimate in advance of how much the project will likely cost.

■ At times, we may agree to take on matters on a contingency basis depending on the dispute or the transaction. For Japanese matters, we calculate the contingency fees based on the prior Japanese Bar Association Fee Standards. For any contingency matter, we require that the terms be set in advance and in writing.