Foreign Lawyers


ZeLo is a dynamic law firm that is seeking to change the legal industry in Japan.

We are a rapidly growing firm of Japanese, US and Indonesian lawyers that specialize in cross-border transactions, financing, venture capital, IPOs in both Japan and the US, as well as international dispute resolution.

Our clients are in cutting-edge industries where regulations are still being drafted to catch up with new technology such as outer space, blockchain, AI, self-driving vehicles, and cybersecurity.

Who We Are Looking For

We are constantly looking for talented lawyers who excel at assisting new types of business with high-level legal advice from their respective jurisdiction who also have a vested interest in working at a Japanese lawfirm.

While Japanese language skills are not mandatory, bilingual or Japanese-proficient lawyers will have a significant advantage in the application process given the needs of our clients.

For those who do not have Japanese language skills, demonstration of familiarity with Japanese business culture is a must.

We are also looking for lawyers who strive towards innovation of the legal industry and have a good business sense when advising corporate clients.


□ Must have 3 years experience practicing law in home jurisdiction OR 3 years experience practicing as a foriegn lawyer in Japan at a reputable lawfirm (Japanese or foreign) 

□Must have either proficient Japanese language skills OR demonstrated experience and familiarity with Japanese business culture as a lawyer

Employment Conditions

□All attorneys are hired as independent contractors

□Competitive compensation equivalent to salary from large Japanese lawfirms 

□50% off on Japanese language lessons


Please fill out the form below.

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In filling out the form below, please send your picture and resume in one of the following ways.

i. If you are uploading the documents on our website:

Please make sure that the picture is in JPEG format and that the resume is either a PDF or a JPEG. Please upload the forms pursuant to the instructions in the approrpiate section. Filesizes may not exceed 2MB.


ii. If you are going to mail in your documents

Please mail in your picture and a resume. Please write in your name on the back of your picture. We will most likely reach out to you by email, so please be sure to include your email address.

Please mail in your documents to the following address:

Recruiting (Lawyers) ZeLo, a Foreign Law Joint Enterprise Marusoku Tsukiji Building, 6th Floor 3-13-5 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104-0045 


Upon recieving and reviewing your documents, we may contact you about an interview date. It is possible that there may be a delay of fixing an interview date depending on the timing of receipt of your application We appreciate your understanding if this is the case.

Please also rest assured that any application documents will be kept confidential. Please note that return of application documents in most cases will not be possible.