The vision of our firm is to help our clients grow from zero to legal innovation and to assist in building a fair, balanced and prosperous world. The Japanese legal industry has been developing slowly since the end of World War II. However, in contrast, society has been developing rapidly with technological change and we are coming up on a revolutionary age.

With the development of AI and legal tech, the very fundamental nature of lawyers providing legal services is about to change.

In the old days, groups of attorneys provided expert legal services (Lawfirm 1.0). These groups developed to become massive legal service conglomerates to create BigLaw law firms that can serve as a one-stop shop for complex, global inquiries (Lawfirm 2.0). We strive to create a new model, Lawfirm 3.0, that utilizes AI services to maximize the efficiency of providing effective legal services. We continuously try and grow, challenge ourselves, and aim to assist not just the publicly traded companies but also startups from local areas and developed countries. In order to meet our goals and realize our vision, the lawyers that join our firm have a pre-existing core sense of professionalism and innovative drive to continue improving himself or herself.

While continuing to respect the prestigious image of an attorney that has developed over the years, we also will continue to question certain outdated values so that legal services can progress one step at a time on a daily basis. By developing and using legal tech systems to provide a high level of efficient legal services, we will break through certain boundaries that humans cannot accomplish by themselves. By integrating with our clients, we strive to understand our clients as if we were part of the company's team. We then provide our deep knowledge and insight regarding our professional service areas so that we can assist with Japanese and global rule making. In order to do so, we find that assisting the growth of innovative startups to be critical for the creation of innovative ecosystems.

We will constantly challenge new issues in order to realize our vision. We believe that this is what is going to be required of professional lawyers in the near future. Both our lawyers and staff (as a whole) will serve as an advisor both for legal matters and business matters together.

We look forward to working with you and growing together as a law firm.