Recently, blockchain technology has been receiving attention in a variety of ways. There are constantly dramatic fluctuations in various cryptocurrency (e.g. Bitcoin) markets. There have also been some major hacks that have affected the market (e.g. the Coincheck incident in Japan). Crypto asset business models have evolved accordingly with these changes and have been implementing new types of business models. While some jurisdictions are starting to crack down on initial coin offerings (ICOs) from a securities law perspective (e.g. the United States), many other jurisdictions around the world (e.g. Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, Malta, Luxembourg) have been passing progressive legislation to encourage ICOs and STOs to occur within its borders. It is also  important to remember that blockchain technology has many other applications other than cryptocurrency. Blockchain is now being used by banks, FinTech businesses, big data businesses, and supply chain business models.

As a leading law firm responsible for corporate legal affairs, ZeLo seeks to assist companies in Japan and the rest of the world in using blockchain technology, which is said to be the next revolution after the Internet. We offer a wide range of services for blockchain businesses by providing legal advice on the regulations in various jurisdictions that enable crypto-asset business models as well as applications of blockchain technology.